My Work

Model horses

I like to spend my free time working on personal projects. They are usually horse related. Last year I did a big project where  a build a stable for my horses. Now I usually spent my time sculpting horses or making tack for them.


For project 1 design me and my group designed a wearable that gives amateur rowers access to personalized feedback on their posture during and after their training. Creating awareness on the posture prevents bad postures from happening to long which reduces the number of back problems among rowers.


Shirt met boot


Surf-vival is a game designed for children to make them aware of the dangers of the internet. During the game citizens battle against hackers to try and keep their personal information safe.


Coffee machine

This coffee machine is designed to be self-explanatory. The user uses his intuition to control the machine. The machine communicates what it is doing by motors rotation faster or to a specific angle. The machine let’s the user know their drink is ready by gently putting it down.