Hi, I am Fransje

I am a dedicated Industrial Design student, currently in the third year of my bachelor and looking for an internship at a design company.

I have a strong passion for design and a desire to 

contribute my skills and creativity to a professional setting. You can learn more about me and what I do in this portfolio.

About Me


Native Dutch

Advanced English

Little German


Bachelor Industrial Design

Eindhoven University of technology 2020 – now






As a student, I have been refining my design skills and exploring various disciplines within the industry. I have done design and design research projects using all kinds of different materials and machines. I have an eye for detail and work very precise both in a group and on my own.


I have experience with various adobe programs like InDesign and Illustrator to make posters for committees or do the layout of documents. I also have designed some websites for art exhibitions.  I have experience with crafting physical prototypes with foam-core cardboard, wood and fabric 3D-printers or embroidery machines and making prototypes interactive using Arduino.


I like to keep the environment in mind when I am designing. In my spare time I like to disassemble clothes or bags that are broken to reuse their parts in projects for my study or for personal projects. 

My Work

Future Vintage

This garment was made for a design research project within the squad “Crafting Wearable Senses”. We wanted to research what we value about vintage clothes. The values we found during user studies were implemented into the denim garment. The garment was used to validate and communicate our findings.

Protesting Bag

This bag was made during the course “Digital Craftsmanship”. The assignment was to make a bag that tells a story using data. Our group decided to pick  climate protesters as our target group. We designed a bag that caries all necessities a protester might need to stay safe incase the protest gets out of hand. The visuals on the bag tell a story and were embroidered onto the fabric using an embroidery machine. Download the annotated portfolio for a more detailed description of the design process.

Bag to Brag

For the course “Engineering Design” I had to work together with people with a non-designer background to create a functional prototype. We decided to design a picknick back that converts into a picknick table.

Down to earth

A design project about the way we interact with plants

This prototype was made for a design project within the Artifice Squad to challenge the way we think about our relation with the environment we live in. 


A design project about preventing injuries caused by rowing with a faulty posture